Baby Monster
Doll monster
Gender Male
Location House

The Baby Monster is one of the monsters from Neverending Nightmares. Like the other enemies in the game, contact with this creature will result in instant death.

Appearance Edit

This creature looks like a large, grotesque mutation of a baby, with a hunched back, bulging, veiny stomach, and lumpy body. It appears to be devoid of eyes. It has one long arm that nearly touches the floor, and one shorter, clubbed arm, both ending in claw-like nails. It is also seen wearing a diaper. It skulks around various areas of the House, and will attack Thomas on sight. Upon contact, it will grab Thomas and strangle him to death, killing him instantly. The player may hide from this creature by entering a brown wardrobe, if one is in the area. The creature will stop and sniff the area if the player hides, and may shake the wardrobe.

Gallery Edit