Thomas Smith
Gender Male
Voiced by Josh Grelle

Thomas Smith is the main character and protagonist in Neverending Nightmares. He has an evil counterpart named Nightmare Thomas.

Appearance Edit

Thomas Smith is a tired-looking man with light hair, always clad in plaid-checkered pajamas.

Child appearance Edit

In Childish Things, Thomas appears as a child wearing anchor-patterned pajamas. He is seen holding a bunny plush as well.

Biography Edit

He does not appear to be very healthy, and suffers from asthma - because of this, he is only able to run in short bursts before he must stop to catch his breath. He can be heard wheezing as he runs, the severity increasing as he gets closer to having to stop. He is often seen as a brother, husband, or client to Gabrielle Smith. He seems to suffer from severe depression and is seen violently mutilating himself at times.