This game fails to scare me because of it's art style and plot. The art style reminds me of an old Disney show called "Charlie & Lola". And that show IS CUTE. And then there's the plot. It's not  the monster's appearance that terrifys me in any type of horror, it's what they sound like and what they do. I watched Child's Play, a movie where a murderer's soul posseses a children's interactive toy. The reason that scared me was because of the dolls actions, whereas in Neverending Nightmares. An example for why sounds spook me (and everybody), FNAF's jumpscares are because of the screams. If not for the screams, we'd be like "AWW, WOOK AT DA WIDDLE TEDDY BEAR" when Freddy kills us. (I'm using "we" to refer to FNAF fans.) In Neverending Nightmares they don't make any scary shrieks or boos.